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Silk n colors Silk n colors
Overdyed silk thread. 7 yrd skein.
To order;
check the quantity,
tick the shade(s) required,
then add to cart at the bottom of the page.
If different quantities are required, add them to the cart separately. 

Price:  £5.50


SNC 005 Victorian Rose
SNC 007 Peacock
SNC 010 Lemon Souffle
SNC 011 Butternut Orange
SNC 014 Desert Sunset
SNC 017 Flamingo Pink
SNC 024 Harvest Mums
SNC 028 Peach Melba
SNC 031 Soft Apricot
SNC 032 Poppies
SNC 034 A Bride's Blush
SNC 056 Mermaid Shimmer
SNC 067 Carnation Pink
SNC 075 Greystone
SNC 095 Phoenix Rising
SNC 096 Golden Moss
SNC 113 Light Moss
SNC 117 Flower Quilt Cottage
SNC 134 Blueberry Fields
SNC 136 Curried Mustard
SNC 137 Peach Gauze
SNC 141 Birthday Confetti
SNC 143 Moon Flax
SNC 145 Linsey-Woolsey
SNC 148 Dragon's Breath
SNC 153 Indian Summer
SNC 162 Winter Moon
SNC 166 Texan Bluebonnet
SNC 167 Prairie Winter
SNC 168 Solar Flare
SNC 200 Brazilian Boa
SNC 205 Spotted Cobra
SNC 208 Limehouse
SNC 217 Windwhistle Cottage
SNC 972 Honey Blues
SNC 976 Jelly Bean
SNC 978 Victorian Lady
SNC 9711 Spring Blush
SNC 9712 Summer Glow
SNC 982 Summer Shadows

Products > Threads > Thread Gatherer